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Lawn Dress Collection

Faisalabad Fabric Store Collection is produced with 68×68 warp and weft technic. It is our top selling product and new designs are added every alternative month. It has a very low price compared to other competing products of the same quality. Click the below image to view our designs and link to online shop.

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Sohni Lawn Dress Collection

Sohni Lawn is top-selling product owned by Faisalabad Fabric Store that has made its name in the market and is being sold for over 15 years. It meets all the requirements of being a quality product. Pakistani suits  is launched in new designs and colors every 2 months in the season. Click below image to view our designs and link to online shop.

Barkha Lown Dress Three Piece Collection

Barkha Lawn is a name of quality which is famous in Pakistan due to the pure cotton lawn suits fabric and awesome traditional fashion wears for women in summer. It has done tremendously well in the fashion industry by providing the most beautiful and trendy cuts all the years for the modern women of Pakistan. Click below image to view our designs and link to online shop.

Batik Three Piece Lown Dress Collection

Batik Lown is Faisalabad Fabric Store top-quality lawn dreses collection that is launched every year with about 50 designs and 3 colors in each design. We source top string for Batik fabric, make stunning and novel designs with awesome shading blends. This collection has printed Shirt, Dupatta and dyed trouser.  Total 8 Meter cloth is used in which 3M Shirt, 2.5M Dupatta and 2.5M is Trouser. Click below image to view our designs and link to online shop.

Batik Embroiderd Two Piece Lown Dress Collection

A privileged Two Piece Batik Embroidered Lown Collection based on same fabric as Batik Lown that has more than 20 beautiful designs and 2 attractive seasonal colors in each design available for our customers to choose from. Despite of Premium collection its price is set according to buying capacity of our people. You can visit our online shop by clicking on link given below.
Every day from the start of the summer season we see top models advocating that you will look stunning in their lown suit. Which make those advertised brands a status symbol. But these brands lown dress price is very high and many of us do not have the power to buy them.
Textile units come here to save the day. Faisalabad Fabric Store is one of the top units that are expert in lown suit design,fabric production, printing and embroidery. Faisalabad Fabric Store does everything perfectly from designer lawn suits, produce and stitch them for sale in the market. These lown dresses are sold at less than half the price of designer lown dress, so everyone can afford them. Faisalabad Fabric Store produces cotton cambric, chiffon and khaddar as well but the lawn cloth is its specialty.

Minimum Order Quantity & Export

Our minimum order is 30 stitch lown suits. We will not deal with anyone ordering less quantity. We stitching according to size standards given on our age, we can also stitch according to size provided by our customers.

Faisalabad Fabric Store currently exports stitched lawn suit in print and embroidery to Usa, UK, Canada, Keney, India, Bangladesh and UAE.

Batik, Sohni and Mazaj are the brands of Faisalabad Fabric Store that are very famous clothing brands. Batik and Sohni lawn are popular for lawn suits online shopping, their suits are cherished and purchased nationally as well as internationally. Trendy colors, charming prints and gorgeous embroidery on high-quality fabric lawn online shopping are all Faisalabad Fabric Store trades which is also the reason customers find their brands reliable.
Faisalabad Fabric Store presents new lawn dresses online shopping under multiple volumes of its brands in every season. These suits always have unique and distinct embroidery. Their quality can be compared with famous designer suits like sana safinazAsim Jofamaria b. Designer suits are costly because they are associated with top designers however there fabric is not much different from fabric manufactured by Faisalabad Fabric Store for its multiple brands.  You can contact Faisalabad Fabric Store for online shopping lawn suits in wholesale and retail.


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